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Supplement Facts

Herbal Cleansing Formula

RIDSET’s POTENT PROPRIETARY herbal cleansing formula is the only complete formulation on the market to effectively cleanse a human body from all types of parasites, harmful bacteria and worms. Each ingredient in RIDSET was chosen for its effectiveness in detoxing, cleansing and healing enabling every part of your body to efficiently cleanse itself safely and effectively!



  • organic iodine source used for centuries as a powerful detoxify
  • supports a healthy digestive system and regularity
  • provides oxygen to the blood along with balancing blood sugar
  • strong anti-fungal helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins and various parasites (such as ringworm) which can cause skin irritations and rashes.


  • stimulates digestion by supporting liver and gallbladder function.
  • one of the most well know parasite killing herbs against hookworms, pinworms, roundworms, and whipworms


  • natural painkiller
  • relaxes the G.I track to alleviate gas and bloating
  • attacks germs
  • soothes muscles
  • defends against oxidation damage


  • full of healthy phyto- nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • helps maintain healthy mucus membranes
  • contains potassium that helps control heart rate and blood pressure
  • bacteria killing powers
  • magnesium, iron, vitamin B-6, A and C
  • helps build resistance to damaging free radicals


  • natural antibiotic
  • fights viruses
  • high levels of calcium,B1,C, phosphorous, copper, potassium, selenium and so much more to boost the immune system
  • supports cardiovascular health
  • reduces inflammation
  • effectively slows down and kills almost 100 types of fungus and bacteria along with helping the body to eliminate them


  • aids in respiratory disorders
  • stimulates digestive juices to relieve indigestion
  • sharpens memory


  • has capsicum that destroys mold, fungus and parasites
  • increases circulation and maximizes effectiveness of other herbs
  • neutralizes acidity in the body


  • helps digestion and relives gas and nausea
  • kills harmful bacteria in the body (salmonella, blood flukes)


  • enhances nutrient assimilation and waste removal
  • good digestive tonic helps secretion of stomach acid, bile, and pancreatic enzymes


  • great expectorant (loosens mucus in the lungs)
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • soothes entire body, allowing it to heal more comfortably


  • anti bacterial
  • anti fungal
  • aids in digestion
  • stimulates bowel
  • calms and stimulates the nervous system encouraging healing
  • increases bile flow cleansing the liver


  • maintains efficient rate of waste eliminations
  • helps to prevent accumulating toxins in the liver, gallbladder, and bloodstream (very important when detoxing the body to help carry out waste so the system isn’t over taxed)


  • calms stomach muscles
  • powerful ability to soothe and heal
  • helps with gas and bloating during digestion


  • strong important herb that supports the body as it filters out toxins
  • reduces inflammation
  • major antioxidant that detoxifies everything including but not limited to heavy metals and alcohol


  • soothing effect of inflamed membranes and coats them to prevent further damage.
  • helps digestive disorders, heartburn, indigestion, colitis, stomach ulcers, Crohns disease
  • relives pain and swelling in the respiratory, urinary, and digestive tract


  • disease preventing antioxidant
  • helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • contains both vitamin C and E to help stave off infections
  • helps expel toxins through urine and blood
  • strong blood purifier


  • used to heal liver problems, candida, yeast, and allergies
  • accelerates the healing of skin wounds
  • strengthens immune system
  • anti inflammatory
  • dissolves phlegm
  • protects against staph infections


  • coats and soothes bronchial passages
  • expectorant loosens phlegm
  • kills various parasites
  • improves stomach function
  • treats asthma, nausea, and diarrhea


  • helps reduce cholesterol
  • excellent source of potassium, which helps to lower heart and blood pressure
  • suppresses appetite
  • flushes out harmful toxins
  • helps to reduce acid re-flux and heartburn
  • treats skin disorders, scars, eczema


  • respiratory expectorant
  • helps fight viruses
  • natural anti depressant
  • helps maintain both physical and emotional stress
  • increases energy
  • regulates production of mucus


  • helps digestion
  • cleanses liver
  • strengthens immune system
  • purifies respiratory system
  • helps with mucous buildup
  • soothing anti inflammatory


  • detoxifies colon
  • helps maintain bowel regularity
  • stimulates large intestine for easy removal of toxins


  • comfortable herbal laxative
  • increases regularity to help removal of toxins


  • swells, scrubs, and powerfully cleans the colon removing waste and toxins from the body


  • relaxes muscles
  • reduces cramping while the body works to heal itself through the release of toxins and parasites

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